20 Oct

If you say so Jesus

It had been a long day.

Traveling with Jesus could wear a guy out.

The crowds had been huge, the sun would soon be setting and then Jesus made the request, “Go deeper.”

I can hear the murmurs, “Did he just say go deeper?”

As usual, Simon was the first to speak up for the group, “You do realize we have been working hard all day and the fishing forecast has proven to be true. We have nothing to show for our efforts. But if you say so Jesus.”

These professional fishermen loved their leader but taking fishing tips from a carpenter was hard to swallow. Nonetheless they aligned their actions with his request and the results proved outstanding. Go figure!

What can we learn from this outlandish fishing story?

The followers of Jesus were ANTSY and APPREHENSIVE about Jesus’ ideas. Can you relate?

Despite their reluctancey, they took ACTION and they found themselves being AWESTRUCK and ASHAMED.

Jesus had proven, yet again, that he could be trusted. Seeing the results, they were determined more than ever to be ALL IN.

We aren’t too unlike those worn out fishermen. We find ourselves tired and worn out. We have been giving it our all but our all just isn’t good enough. Our nets are empty.

And then Jesus challenges us, “Go deeper.”

We respond, “Are you kidding Jesus? After all that we have been through lately you are calling us to go deeper? Okay, if you say so Jesus!”

We reluctantly pull ourselves up by our waders and head into deep waters. And like the disciples we find ourselves awestruck and amazed at the results. And yes, a little ashamed that we doubted the carpenter.

Sometimes we need reminding of whose team we are on. He might just call for a “Hail Mary” and ask us to go deep!

Is the Lord calling on you to do something that seems to be pointless, hopeless or a long shot? If so, He might just be calling on you to go deep!

When we align our ways with His ways, the results are amazing, when like the disciples, we are all in!


(For the full story see Luke 5:4-11)


18 Oct

Punk’d by a skunk!

Like most puppies, our dog, Honey Bear likes to chase rabbits.

When I went to let him out late last night, I soon discovered we had a skunk amongst us in the backyard!

You guessed it! What else could make 2020 even better? Right? Dog meets skunk. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, much to my surprise, Honey Bear was more in protector mode than high-speed chase mode.

He barked and barked, hunkered down, pivoted in and out of firing range and even did a belly crawl to take a closer look. I finally clued in and panicked! “Oh Lord! Not tonight! Have mercy on this sleepy soul! Honey Bear get in here,” came my command for all the neighborhood to hear!

It worked. He relented and came inside. I flipped on the light and nearly skunked my pants when the polecat started to strut right in front of us! Honey Bear and I nearly passed out from surprise.

The spooked skunk ran along the fence line for cover. I still have no clue how he got in or out. The fence is tight. He was air dropped in I suppose.

The thought of cleaning a skunk-sprayed dog in the middle of the night still doesn’t sound like much fun, even this morning as I sip my coffee and assess the crime scene.

Last night I went to bed grateful for the little things and even more happy “Elvis”, the skunk, had left the building!

It’s true, we got punk’d by a skunk. But I’ll take whew over pew anytime!

What are you grateful for today? Big or small! Stinky or not! There is good out there even if it is 2020!



16 Sep

What do you want?

Often times we walk through life with a sense of want. But for what?

There is a passage in Mark 10:46-52 that has gained my attention.

Jesus asks a blind man, “What do you want?”

My first reaction was, “Uh …  Hey, Jesus. Isn’t that a little too obvious?”

You would think that if a blind man was screaming out to meet a man known for healing the sick and giving sight to the blind, he must have one thing on his mind, sight!

One thing we know for sure, Jesus understood people. And if he knew anything, he knew people don’t always know what they want, even when it is obvious. Can you relate?

So back to my original question, “What do you want?” Is it obvious?

Sometimes we have to slow down long enough to know what we want. It is kind of like being hungry but not knowing what for. Ask any guy who has ever taken a pretty girl out for dinner and you will understand. Some things are less than obvious!

So, what can we learn from the story that might help us discover what we want and how to get it?

  1. Slow down! Take time to know what you want. Listen to your heart and your head will follow. The blind man knew what he wanted.
  2. The blind man wasn’t going to let anyone stand in his way. It has been said that if you don’t have a vision, somebody will give you one. The blind man may not have been able to see but he did have a vision!
  3. The blind man cried out believing that Jesus would give him what he wanted. He had faith. He believed.

One thing we can know for sure, if what we want doesn’t require faith, then we probably don’t want enough!

What? I don’t want enough? It is very possible. If what you want doesn’t require God, then it is very likely you can handle it on your own. But if you really want to see things happen, start to want something that requires God to get involved.

I have come to learn that there are somethings that the Lord will only do by invitation. He is a polite gentleman. He doesn’t require us to invite him into our circumstances. Oh, but when we do, we start to SEE things like we have never SEEN before.

The blind man knew what he wanted? Do you?

The writer of the book of Hebrews challenges us with this thought,  “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”

Does what you want require faith? If not, perhaps you don’t want enough!