16 Dec

Time to Graduate and Grow?

Time to Graduate and Grow?

When troubles come, we often think we have made a bad decision, have been disobedient, are being disciplined or have fallen for the enemy’s temptation.

Could there possibly be something else at work? Could it be the Lord is giving us an opportunity to graduate and grow?

In order to graduate and grow we have to pass a test. The Lord’s testing is given in order to help us remember it is God himself who provides and is in control.

The story of Abraham’s test, found in Genesis 22:1-17, serves as a great example of a graduation ceremony. It was a test, not a temptation or a failing. It was an opportunity to grow to the next level with God!

When issues arise, like Abraham, we need to look up, not out, not around but look up. To not hold back. In so doing we will pass the test and can fully expect the Lord to respond by giving us the assurance he is with us, loves us and is our provider. He blesses our obedience. Obedience is its own reward!

Passing the test builds confidence, trust and faith in the Lord.

Ask yourself, is what I am experiencing a test? Work through the other options for sure and determine if in fact the Lord is trying to conduct a graduation ceremony, if so, you will need to pass the test!

Is there an issue, a stronghold or an area of growth where the Lord is trying to mature you?

Are you ready to take the test? Perhaps the Lord believes so and wants you to graduate with confidence as you move on with him at new levels and with Him forever at your side.

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