30 Oct



I disagree.

We are just different.

You are not my type.

We come from different places.

I do not like the way you do things.

I believe my way is better.

I think I am right and you are wrong.

I feel judged by you.

I do not accept the way you are.

I do not approve of what you do.

You make me feel lesser than.

I think you are priviledged.

You are not my kind of people.

You think you are smarter.

We do not like the same things.

I sense you are prejudice.

You vote different than I do.

You look different than I do.

You do not work as hard as I do.

You have it easier than I do.

I do not think you think I matter.

You know what I am gonna do?

I am gonna LOVE you ANYWAY.

How about that?

What are you going to do?

Something different?

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