21 May

What do you want?

Amazing how some questions Jesus asked still relate to us today. Mark 10:51-52

Q: “What do you want from me?”

I love the reply. It too is relevant for today: “I want to see.”

Don’t we all hope to live with greater clarity? Our purpose? Our calling? A big decision? Help me see clearly Lord!

And through faith (belief, trust, confidence) that which is desired, is granted.

Without faith, it is impossible to please him.

What in your life today requires faith?

When is the last time you sensed Jesus asking: “What do you want?”

It seems we are often the one doing the asking.

Jesus turns it on us. What do you want?

Perhaps we need to be better prepared to answer than ask.

He stands ready to hear our response. Rest assured, whatever the reply, it will include an act of faith to see it fulfilled.

Too many times we think too small. The Lord asks what we want because he wants us to think so big that whatever it is, it will require his involvement. It will require faith!

So, what do you want?