23 May



As someone who Edify Leaders desires to love and serve, and in light of the sad SBC sexual abuse news reported by Guidepost, please be reminded that sexual sin has been the downfall of many great leaders.

If you are playing around with any sort of sexual promiscuity, please know that it has to end.

Like a mouse playing with a mouse trap loaded down with cheese, it doesn’t end well. The collateral damage of sexual sin reaches far beyond any one person

If you need someone to talk to, please reach out to our team confidentiality at https://www.edifyleaders.org/contact

As you can imagine, there isn’t much we haven’t heard at this point as we walk closely with ministry leaders like you.

You are a target. The enemy knows we all have weaknesses. Don’t let those weaknesses lead you down a road that hurts you and others who are innocently affected by your weakness.

Don’t live in isolation. Find help, freedom and healing through genuine friendship as spoken of in James 5:16.