23 Apr

Funeral Flowers

The day will come when we are done. Our last goodbye and a setting sun.

So much unsaid with little sorrow. Here today and gone tomorrow.

Time will end and the day will come.

Tis best to love before we’re done.

Unspoken words are the most unjust. Regret out lives the graveyard’s dust.

Lay down the petty among the living and cherish love while life’s worth giving.

Tombstones reflect on what has been. Memories of love linger in.

The ground is cold where loved ones lie. Their warm embrace has passed us by.

Flowers are best before laid to rest. Wait too long and we fail the test.

So send the flowers while there’s still time because funeral flowers aren’t worth a dime.

Reach out today before it’s too late. No one knows their final date.