27 Oct

Warriors of Love

It is fair to say David’s soldiers were very dangerous men.

David’s elite mighty men are profiled in 1 Chronicles 11.

The traits of his warriors are notable in chapter 12.

These were no doubt dangerous men.

How dangerous are we?

We have a Divine commander. We are among his troops. What traits would be noted among us?

Would we be considered as dangerous as David’s men?

Note the traits of David’s warriors, especially in Ch 12!

1 Chronicles 12:

Experts – v2

Brave – v8, v21, v30 (3x’s)

Experienced – v8

Fierce as lions – v8

Swift as deer – v8

Strong – v15

Able – v21

Highly respected – v30

Aware – v32

Skilled – v33

Armed – v35

Prepared – v35

Single-minded purpose – v38

We aren’t called to be safe. The world needs dangerous men and women who are ready to fight for the better good of mankind and the greater good of the Lord.

No where in scripture do we find a person God used that was called to safety, security or comfort.

The person God uses walks in faith, embraces uncertainty and walks into the darkness knowing the risk as a soldier of the light.

We have grown too soft. We have become too vulnerable. We must encourage one another to be strong in the faith as we seek to be all that we can be without compromise. We have come too far. Too much is at stake. Together we can hold the line and take new ground in the name of love.