13 Oct

Set free!

What is holding you back?




The past?

Your job?

A bad relationship?

Maybe it is time to recognize you have actually been set free and are being held captive by invisible ropes.

Often times when slaves were set free they were uncertain what to do with their new found freedom.

Many returned to their slave masters for comfort and security. Freedom was simply more than they could imagine or comprehend. Bondage had become a way of life.

Psalms 129:4 tells us that the Lord has cut the ropes on the evil that is holding us back from the freedom he has granted us.

You are free!

The ropes that have held you back have fallen at your sides!

Set your feet to flight! Run like the wind! Discover the world in a whole new way. Explore the joys of freedom.

Don’t hold back! You have been set free!