01 Oct

Lonely Laughter

The words are heavy.

You can feel the weight in them as the future King is asked by the spiritual leader, “Why are you alone? Why is no one with you.”

What a penetrating question.

Look around you. Are you surrounded by people but utterly alone?

You were not designed to go it alone. From the beginning it was clear, “It is not good for man to be alone.”

Isolation leads to idleness and idleness leads to idolatry. It is an old fashioned word but basically idolatry is substituting what is real for what is fake. There is no need to accept substitutes. You were built for community.

Even the most introverted introvert longs for human interaction.

People aren’t perfect. They are messy, rude, stupid and down right mean at times, but we need each other.

Perhaps it is time we find each other. Live and let live but live together, walk together, laugh together, cry together and change the world together.

Want a friend? Start by learning to be a friend. Somebody, just like you is waiting out there looking for someone just like you to hang out with and do life with.

Don’t make it harder than it is. Share a coffee, break some bread, go for a walk, take a hike, hit the open road but whatever it is, a shared experience is always better because nobody is meant to laugh alone.

Why is no one with you? Maybe it is because you aren’t with them. Pick up the phone, make the call, send the text and make the first move into friendship.

Let’s put an end to lonely laughter.

(Inspired by 1 Samuel 21:1)