12 Aug

The Hidden Treasure of Trouble

Get up and get out!

Remove the hidden treasure hindering your progress!

Is there a hitch in your giddy up? A hidden treasure that has brought on trouble?

Bad choices are rarely isolated, they have a ripple effect and permeate far beyond the centrifuge.

Maybe you are holding on to something that is holding you back!

Check your load for hideaways! There may be a hindrance hanging on that is dragging you down.

An unhealthy relationship?

A less than best lingering habit?

A toxic environment?

An oversight that you have been blind to?

Sometimes hang ups are not obvious to the one who is hung up.

Seek input and insight from others who genuinely care for you. They might see things that you simply can’t see.

We all have blindspots in our lives that are preventing us from reaching our full potential.

Don’t just sit there wondering why you can’t succeed. Get up. Get out and remove the hidden hindrance that you treasure.

It may require humbly asking for input but the outcome could very well be exactly what you are searching for!

(Inspired by Joshua 7)