20 Aug

Is God a slow poke?

We need answers and we want them now!

Why wait?

Let’s get the show on the road!

Why is it that my pace and God’s pace are so out of sync?

Is God a slow poke?

More than once we have heard that God’s timing is perfect.

Okay, okay, I get it. I accept it but I still struggle to understand the timing.

Joshua had to wonder what God was up to when he was told to keep marching around Jericho.

Can’t you hear the grumblings among the soldiers? “Not again! Enough already! What’s up with all the walking and blowing of hot air? Let’s get on with it!”

And so are we with our attitudes about God’s timing. “Enough already! Let’s get on with it!”

It has been said that to be early is to be on time. Or, the early bird gets the worm. Interesting enough, nothing of the sort is found in scripture.

What we need is God’s speed and God’s timing. He is never in a hurry but is never late. He is always, read it again, always right on time!


I’m afraid so!

So little one, don’t be anxious, don’t fret and by all means, don’t get out ahead of God.

Have your bag packed, your ticket purchased and your sandals tightened. God may appear slow but when he says roll, it’s go time.

His will and his timing is all we need. We can rest assured that God is not off the clock. He runs on his own time. He is never late. He is where he needs to be, when he needs to be there.

As the clock ticks and life comes down to the wire, remember, God loves photo finishes. In reality, don’t we! How exciting!

Wait for it…… ahh God’s timing!

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