27 Aug

Again or I Gain?

It is up to you. Are you continuing down the same path again and again getting the same results? Or are you gaining ground in the direction you want your life to go?

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting things to change is a sure sign of insanity.

Stop! Get real with yourself. It’s not working! It is time to gain control not fall into a rut with a routine that falls short again and again!

We change for one reason. We decide to. It is not enough to know we should or want to change. We have to decide to and make the break from our old way of thinking. Our routine is ruining us! Kick the rut in the butt!

But how?

1. Decide

2. Take action

3. Go with a buddy

4. Expect God to give you victory

Quit living accidentally by just going with the flow. Buck the system. Turn into the wind. Swim up current. Kick the habit! Make up your mind and go for it. But when you do, don’t go at it alone.

We succeed when we have the encouragement and accountability of a likeminded comrade. We are better together!

Finally, include the creator in your creativity. He is an innovator. He is the ultimate change agent. Listen to his instructions. Follow his ways and expect, anticipate and count on the victory!

Yes! Get ready! Things are about to change.

I gain and you gain when we stop doing the same old tried and true lousy strategies again and again!

Change requires change. What changes is up to you!

(Inspired by Judges 4)