14 Jul

Called to be wild!

It is yours! You just have to go for it!

It will require work, trust, faith, grit, stamina, resolve, determination but most of all, it will require God!

Don’t go without him! But if he is with you, go, go, go! Take the hill.

Stay home if it is a good idea. But if it is a God idea, charge ahead!

Sometimes what we are called to do is right before our eyes.

We need to recognize reality and take hold of what is already ours!

Don’t let fear, worry, doubt, anxiety or discouragement stand in your way. These are the modern day giants that must be slayed if we are to take the land!

It’s yours. It has your name on it. Step forward. Take hold and go for the gold!

You are called to be wild!

(Inspired by Deuteronomy 1:19-46)