17 Jun

Better with Him

Seeing a loved one suffer with a chronic disease or a debilitating health issue is hard to accept and understand. Even worse if you are a natural born “fixer.”

Somethings just can’t be fixed.

Issues such as these hang in your head. Especially when that person is one of your children or your spouse.

Sunday School answers don’t hold here.

I once went on a 40-day fast begging God to heal my daughter of her Type 1 Diabetes. Nothing changed.

It wasn’t that God owed me but I didn’t want to miss this healing opportunity if it was available.

I have to admit, I still hold God accountable. I’m not sure it is right to do so but I just can’t help it.

Mercy Me has a song, “Even If”. It speaks about this kind of hurt and faith.

The song is about Bart’s son who also suffers from a chronic disease. I learned later that I knew the dad of the man who wrote the song.

I will be first in line with my questions for God when it comes to kids and suffering.

Somehow I know that like Job, it won’t matter then. But as for now I can’t help but want to ask God, “Why?”

I have learned that God doesn’t waste pain. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t come at a high cost.

My daughter says she wouldn’t take her disease away. She says it has helped her experience God in ways she never imagined. That is a deep one.

I lean more toward a song that references the fall in the garden.

Why plant the tree if you know it’s poisoned? I know that even a tree that brings knowledge of evil has purpose. But it also comes with pain. And such is the way of love. It cuts both ways.

I saw an image of a man sitting with a dog recently. The comparison was made about the way a dog thinks and how a man thinks. The dog enjoys the moment and the man thinks of a thousand other things.

I had another thought.

Being with a dog just makes life more fun and bearable. He can’t talk and provides limited interaction but somehow we know life without him would offer less.

Certainly God can intervene and he can speak to us but sometimes I feel like I hear from my dog more than I do from God.

Yet, I have learned life is better with Him. After all, dog spelled backwards is still man’s best friend.

If you don’t have one, it might be time to get one. A dog that is. Cat’s don’t count.

As for God, he is available too. He is happy to walk through life with you. He’s the quiet type but when he speaks, it’s worth the listen.