25 Mar

Overlooking the obvious.

On a recent flight to Orlando, Florida, weather left the airport in a mess as flights were cancelled and delayed throughout the region.

As passengers were running to and fro hoping to make connections, everyone was frantically yelling and panting. Not so much because they were upset but because they weren’t being heard. Our wonderful Covid masks were muffling our best efforts to communicate.

Subsequent flights were packed as passenger were cramming into whatever seats were available. Families and couples were separated as everyone made do.

As everyone was settling in, one particular passenger began to panic. “My Beats, my Beats. I can’t find me Beats,” he said. He clearly was about to melt down.

Demonstrating the human spirit, that sometimes reminds us that the planet might survive us, everyone in our section started scouring the area in search of his high dollar, high fidelity audio device.

As we lifted up, looked under, crawled around and combed through the area, he kept repeating, “My Beats, my Beats, I can’t find my Beats.”

In attempting to recenter the search posse, a young lady asked for clarity. “Are we looking for your Beats or the cord to your Beats?”

“Not the cord. I’m looking for the Beats headset,” he replied in earnest.

There was an immediate and instant unified outburst of laughter as the young lady simply replied, “Like the ones on your head?”

Needless to say, overlooking the obvious had brought unnecessary stress but a simple change of perspective from

someone on the outside looking in brought true enlightenment and levity.

Our “Beats Buddy” blushed with embarrassment and joined in on the laughter that was occurring at his expense! The Beats had been on his head the entire time!

“My Beats, my Beats. I can’t find my beats,” is a phrase that will stick with me for sometime to come.

In my profession, I come along side leaders helping them navigate the challenges of life and work. I’m often told that helping leaders process decisions is one of the greatest benefits of the time I spend with clients.

Everyone has blindspots. No one has eyes in the backs of their head. Even Tiger Woods has a coach.

Sometimes we simply need someone to point out the obvious. “Hey man, what you are looking for is on top of your head!”

If you find yourself overlooking the obvious, remember it’s okay to consider another perspective. It might be time to hire a leadership coach. Coaches not only help you find what you are looking for, they help you get to where you want to go!

“My Beats. My Beats! I can’t find my Beats!”

I’m still giggling!