17 Dec

Left alone

There are times when being left alone is anything but lonely.

Being left alone by its very nature confesses that we are out of sight but certainly not out of mind.

Being left alone is nothing close to abandonment. There is a big difference between being deserted and being granted time alone.

Being left alone is a gift others give us when they get lost, disappear or provide plenty of space for solitude.

It is in our aloneness that we rediscover who we are, who we have become and who we want to be.

We are not alone when learn we have companionship with ourselves. It is here where we are as available as we choose to be.

Being left alone provides incredible opportunity to live life void of distractions that often hide us from ourselves.

In our elusiveness we are able to retreat from the spotlight, reflect, remember and unwind from all that has bound us.

It is here in the aloneness, not loneliness, that we find serenity,  peace and confidence to encounter others apart from ourselves.

Once we have collected ourselves we are better suited to give ourselves to others until such time that we desire, yet again, to be left alone.

Time alone leaves us not lonely or empty but rather happy and full of appreciation for the time we had to be quite simply, left alone.