18 Nov

Poo in your shoes

Some problems in life linger around like dog poo stuck in the cracks of the soles of your shoes.

Nobody steps in poo on purpose. Circumstances influence outcomes. Choices matter. Actions have consequences. But nothing is a mistake if you learn from it.

Sadly, some people never graduate from their past. A life lesson doesn’t have to be a life sentence. We can move on.

If you feel like you are living below your potential right now then today could very well be the perfect opportunity to tweak your perspective and start rising above it all.

Like the poo in your shoe, a little extra effort might be all that is needed to put you back on the right track.

It’s not easy digging into the necessary details but digging deep can uncover the key to the treasure you seek.

All of us go through challenges. Many times we go it alone. No one really knows or realizes the struggles we are facing.

It is helpful to keep in mind that more likely than not, somebody we know could use a good friend today, a listening ear and a confidential confidante.

If you know someone who can’t seem to catch a break, remember, you might just be the little push they need, the hope that sustains them or the difference in life or death.

We may never truly realize just how being available can change a life and history forever.

Today might be the day to hand a brother a stick and help him get the poo from his shoe!

Graduation day may very well depend on you! It is time to turn the tassel!