05 Apr

Find it

Some things should just be obvious to us. The old saying rings true, “If it had been a snake it would have bit you.” 

Proverbs 8 makes it clear that wisdom isn’t hard to find. In fact, it cries out in the streets, raises it voice and begs us to listen.

But somehow, some way, we miss it. Why? How could something so obvious, clear and plain to see fail to grasp our attention?

Perhaps there are at least three possible explanations.

1. We are CARELESS. We tend to look in all the wrong places. We neglect to look based on what we already know. 

2. We are CLUELESS. We are simply not aware that the solution to our problem is right before our very eyes.

3. We CHOOSE our own way. We decide to ignore solid advice in lieu of what we think is best.

When it comes to wisdom, we have to know where to find it. To look in the right places for it. To recognize it. Capture it. Take hold of it. Obey it and cherish it more than valuable rubies. Nothing we can desire can compare to it. 

Those who search for wisdom will surely find it. Those who ask for wisdom will receive it. Happy are those who listen and find it. Whoever finds wisdom, finds life! So says the Proverb!

Don’t miss it!