13 Feb

Alone in the yoke?

Consider inviting the Lord into your challenges today and watch him go to work on your behalf and improve your effectiveness. 

Test him in this. The key is not doing more. The key is doing less by allowing the Lord to lighten the load.

He said His yoke is easy. When we feel overwhelmed and burdened it is likely a sign we are unequally yoked. We are baring to much of the load. He wants to help but we have to get out of the way! 

The Lord’s yoke is to be carried by two! All too often we find ourselves alone in the yoke. It is a choice we make not a demand that is made. We are designed to walk with Him in the rows He has called us to till.

Invite him in and work becomes worship.

Our platform becomes a place for Jesus to go to work!

“Now I will take the load from your shoulders; I will free your hands from their heavy tasks.” Psalm 81:6 NLT