11 Jan

Go with God

The Lord called on Joshua to fulfill the calling he had been prepared to complete. Moses had mentored Joshua in how to lead and mobilize people. Now was the time for a new leader for a new day.

God never said it would be easy to take hold of the Promised Land, but He did guarantee it would be worth it when we go with God.

No sooner had they crossed over the Jordan River and they were faced with the battle of a lifetime at Jericho! Surprised? Not really. God always calls us to uncertainty. It requires faith as we look to Him to guide us through this adventure we call life.

Here are the 10 keys for success according to Joshua’s charge:

1. Lead
2. Go with God
3. Be strong
4. Be very courageous
5. Don’t give up
6. Study and meditate on the Word
7. Obey
8. Don’t be afraid
9. Don’t be discouraged
10. Wherever you go, remember #2