04 Jul

The Well Placed Nail

This plaque is above the kitchen sink in our Breckenridge cabin. I think God placed it there just for me. I can even see it from my bed at night as I lay with my head on my pillow. Family is a lot of things. It is full of challenges along the way. But at its best, at its core, family really is about happiness, love, hugs and laughter. We have experienced it this week. For all of you who have prayed for us this last year, you know what this week has done for our souls. God is good. I hope God blesses the hands that hung that little plaque. It’s a great reminder that we may never know how a life well lived and intent on inspiring others might just do so with a well placed nail over a kitchen sink! Go love somebody today. Share some hugs. Laugh a lot and take in all the happiness your heart will hold. If your journey is filled with clouds right now, consider this a glimmer of hope and know that while I may not know your need, I am praying God gives you breakthrough. And remember, he walks with you through the valleys and the mountain tops! He is our daddy and he loves his kids!