09 Jun

What do we want?

We want more but of what we do not know.

We complain but aren’t sure what we really want.

We want to be happy but are unclear of its source.

We want answers but can’t form the questions.

We want peace but continue to stir.

We want love but are searching in all the wrong places.

We want joy but hold onto hate.

We want success but are unable to define it.

We want to unlock freedom but can’t find the keys.

We want things and we want things to be better but things are only getting worse.

What we really want, but fail to realize, is God. What we long for is Him more than we know.

We want His will but aren’t certain where it is found.

The wants and desires of our hearts are hidden in the delight in the Lord.

When our wants are His wants we find all we are looking for in Him.

The answer is not in what we want but rather in what He wants. There within we find all we could ever want or need.

When we want Him we find Him. When we search for Him, He will be found and in Him we discover all we could ever hope for.