09 Apr

Love, where are you?

Is love a solid or is it a gas? Wherever it goes it gets there fast.

Love so solid, you know that it’s there, then love so fragile, it vanishes like air.

Sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you feel it and sometimes you won’t.

Love when it’s out, where does it go? You thought you had it, but then you don’t know.

Love fills you up, like a poet to paper but next thing you know, it turns into vapor.

Some say it lasts, it’s now and forever. While others chase it, they never will savor.

Love can come and love can go. Here for a while and then hits the road.

Love causes pain and love makes you suffer but life without love is certainly rougher.

Some say they love you but surely they don’t. They continue to hurt, when they say that they won’t.

Love is a feeling, a desire and a need. When true love is found, good hearts can still bleed.

Find true love, hold on while you can, it is there for a moment and then slips from your hand.

Love where are you? I need you today. Though prone to wonder, please won’t you stay.

Hold onto love. Keep it well within sight. Embrace it tenderly but hold onto it tight.