20 Jun

Bend a grin

Today I salute all the fun people in my life. Thanks for the smiles, spontaneous laughter and lightening my load with your silly and playful heart. 
Your sense of humor is a gift, a ray of sunshine and a boost to the spirits of so many. Thanks for tickling our funny bones for free. Brightening our days and increasing our heart rates!
Life is too short not to be with fun people like you. Having a clown around is a necessity. 
If you find a joker today, laugh out loud. Encourage him/her with a hoot! Share the joy and bend a grin. 
No kidding? Are you kidding? I hope so! 
Keep up the good work all you silly people.  The world needs more like you! 
“A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Proverbs 17:22

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