16 Mar

Under the bus

Have you ever been thrown under the bus?

According to Wikipedia,
to throw someone under the bus is an idiomatic phrase meaning to sacrifice another person, often a friend or ally, who is usually not deserving of such treatment, out of malice or for personal gain.


You rarely get a warning before you are thrown under the bus. You are standing innocently at roadside when, bam, out of nowhere, the last person you would ever expect, betrays you and pushes you into an oncoming bus!

Boom! Slam! Crash! Splat! You are officially smacked down flat as a pancake.

Your loss, their gain! Judas lives and like Jesus, you have been smacked by the kiss of death. It not only hurts, it lingers.

Getting thrown under the bus causes you to doubt, wonder and reconsider who, if anyone, can be trusted. After all, if your buddy gives you the boot under the bus, who needs enemies?

Time appears to be the only remedy for recovering from the view from the underside of the big wheeled monster.

My suggest, take a cab, avoid the bus! Watch your backside before you end up on it!

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