16 Mar

Big dogging it

I recently viewed a photo of what was referred to as the largest dog in the world.

With hind feet on the ground, the Great Dane in the photo placed its front paws on the shoulders of his more than average- sized owner.

The thought went through my mind, “I wonder what it cost to feed that dog?”

Ego is another three letter word that also varies in size and cost a lot to feed. Arguably, I have met certain individuals whose egos could qualify as the largest in the world. While I have no photo proof, their actions and attitudes often validate my perspective.

Like the Great Dane, these human beasts stand on their hind feet and use the front paws to push others down and keep them in their place as they pronounce their greatness.

Large egos are feed by making others feel small and by doing everything possible to inflate and promote their own.

The next time you encounter a Great Dane-sized ego, just remember, when compared to smaller dogs, Great Danes have a much shorter life expectancy.

They may appear larger than life but in the end, they burn out, die off and ultimately lose the race.

Big egos are hard to feed. Big dogging it results in limited effectiveness. Live small and live long!

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