03 Feb

The Wilderness

What is your wilderness? What is it that the Lord continues to reteach you?
Are there reoccurring patterns that have developed in your life that you continue to seek victory over?

Does the Lord continue to remind you of an area in your life that He wants you to yield to Him?

Is there an area that nags at you and seemingly holds you back but is also an area where you just can’t let go? Wherever it is, whatever it is, it is your wilderness.

Like the children of Israel the Lord often takes us through the wilderness before we reach the promised land.

Not until we learn to trust Him, depend on Him and totally rely on Him, will we quit circling the mountain and step into the victory that is ours in the promised land. A land where giants remain but a land where regardless of what may come, what we have learned in the wilderness, reminds us, that when led by him, there is no mountain, no river and no giant big enough to stand against us.

What is He reteaching you in the wilderness? He doesn’t grade on a curve. He will not look the other way. He loves you too much to let you stay where you are but he will leave you there just long enough to give you victory over what is holding you back.

For many their wilderness is:

Being judgmental

The list goes on but the question is, will we? Will we go on circling the mountain, wondering in the wilderness gazing at the promised land only hoping for a better way?

Recognize the pattern that is holding you captive. Trust in Him to set you free and then step from the wilderness and into the promised land He has prepared for you long ago.

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