14 Aug

The money mentality

Are you afraid to make money? Some are afraid money will possess them, that it will cause them to lose focus and perspective.

Truth is, it’s not the money, it’s the mentality. Money has the ability to do wonderful things.

Money in the right hands can provide food for the hungry, shelter for the needy and presents under the tree.

When money is put in the wrong hands, fingers get sticky, greed sets in and hearts harden. The power of money is exchanged for overindulgence, self centeredness and extravagance.

Lets be honest, there isn’t much that money can’t make better. But money can’t buy you love, happiness or a ticket to heaven.
Money can provide an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others while providing hope and opportunity.

If I had to choose life with more or less money, I’d choose more. However, the more money I have the less of it I hope to keep as I share it with others.

I would never trade a dollar for an ounce of integrity, honesty or confidence. But I would spend all I had if I knew it would buy peace on earth and good will towards men. So far money has failed to measure up in this regard.

Contentment, not cash, is the key to happiness. Contentment is found in your mentality not your money.

Nonetheless, when money does come our way we must not fear its power to posses but rather release it to do good. Holding it tight will squeeze life from the holder.

No amount of money is worth missing a calling. We are certain to find our calling when we are motivated to find it regardless of the money associated with what we find.

The key to life is maintaining a mentality that is content regardless of the money that happens to come and go.While the love of money is the root of evil, love is the greatest blessing of all.

The more we love, the more likely we are to depend less on money.

One thought on “The money mentality

  1. I love this line:

    Contentment, not cash, is the key to happiness. Contentment is found in your mentality not your money.

    So true! I’ve learned this the past few months and couldn’t be happier with my new-found understanding. It reminds me of Phillipians 4:12, a verse I probably wouldn’t have ever read if it weren’t for our bible study. Thanks Ray! You have no idea what an impact you have had on my life alone!

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