17 Aug

The mailbox

I’d hate to be a mailbox. Life starts out fairly fun. You arrive to a new neighborhood, you are installed with much love and affection and you seem to be the center of attention, at least once or twice a day. And then all of a sudden, life becomes predictable, very routine and let’s face it, just plain boring.

Every day you encounter visitors who have been on the ride of their lives. Some even arrive from around the world and are greeted with great enthusiasm and excitement while you on the other hand are simply opened and closed with little, if any, fanfare.

You go no where. Life becomes predicable, a series of events stuck on instant replay.

Oh sure there are the exciting times when a careless neighbor nearly backs into you or a migrating bird perches on your back. But other than a change in the weather, you are stuck left to explore life from your permanent address.

Surely life has more to offer than being a mailbox. Yes, it is an honest profession and yes it plays an important role but who would ever sign up to be a mailbox when there is a whole great big world out there waiting to be explored!

Think about it. How many of us have let fear, uncertainty, worry, fret, apathy, circumstances and simple old fashioned laziness keep us from all life has to offer? 

To often we stay parked in our safe and familiar zip codes taking life as it comes living life through the experiences of others who pass us by through television, DVD’s, the Internet, books and magazines!

I say we break free from the fence posts stuck to our behinds and grab hold of the nearest mail carrier and take life for a ride.

Go it alone. Call a friend. Form a posse. Do something. Anything but sit on you rear end and let moss grow on your leg.

Go for a walk. Meet a neighbor. Visit the library. Attend a church service other than your own. Take a round-trip bus ride in your city and introduce yourself to other passengers. Take a vacation. Ride a bike. Take a hike. Go visit an old friend. Experience bird watching. Take a photo safari. Drive down a country road. Help a friend. Lend a hand. Join a prayer group. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Whatever you do, do something. Do anything but be a mailbox. You were created for a purpose. God gave you the gift of life. What you do with that gift is your gift to God. There are at least 100 people whose lives would be better because you showed up!

Go for it! Go be you today. Be that special delivery that brightens the otherwise mundane life of a rusty forgotten mailbox. Real adventure awaits you just around the corner!

2 thoughts on “The mailbox

  1. You are a special person Ray. God has blessed your life. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

    May God continue to protect and bless you as you serve Him.


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