15 Aug

The adventure begins

Thirty-one years ago I began one of life’s greatest adventures. College was one of the most rewarding seasons of my life. Today Joshua begins his adventure. We laughed and I cried as we packed his car for the journey across the Red River. He is chasing his dream as a collegiate athlete and academic scholar. Saying I am proud of him goes without saying. He is the man I hope to be some day. Until then I will admire him and pray for him daily. Godspeed son! You are ready. You will always be my boy! What an honor and a privilege.    

One thought on “The adventure begins

  1. I miss you already.Josh I love to see your commitement of your love for Jesus. You have worked so hard to get to where you are today.We are all so very proud of you.Your sweet smile has always melted my heart.When you hug me you make me feel very loved.I am crying tears of joy.Stay safe my sweet Josh and know that you are always in my prayers.Your Granny.

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