19 Mar

The zig zagger

God did not lead them along the main road. He led then in a roundabout way. Exodus 13.

When others zig, God zags. His ways are not our ways. He loves to be counterintuitive. Love your enemies? Turn the other check? Gain your life by losing it?

Let’s face it, God must have a really big sense of humor. I think he must live for the look of, “Huh?” on our faces. He really get’s a kick when we say, “Okay, you’re the boss. Seems a little weird to me but I’ll go ahead and step into the water knowing you can part the Red Sea. Not to mention walk on water!”

He sets us up with opportunities to trust Him. When we do, we experience the supernatural. Otherwise we get to stay in Egypt and make bricks! Boring!

It’s time for an Exodus adventure! Hey, I hear we are having quail for dinner! Where did they come from? Oh yeah, he thought of that too! He thinks of everything!

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