01 Mar

Saddle your donkey

God called. Abraham answered and saddled his donkey.

When a call from God tests your faith, how do you respond? Abraham didn’t hesitate. He didn’t ask why. He didnt think about it. He didn’t take an opinion poll. No, he obeyed quickly, quietly and completely. His response was no doubt, “Let’s ride!”

He responded with action. He saddled his donkey, kicked it in the side and headed to the mountain with his only son, expecting God to provide!

What donkey is God asking you to saddle? What is the one thing you cherish so much that it risks standing between you and God? For Abraham, his one thing was a promise God gave him. Isaac was the manifestation of God’s bigger promise to bring a nation into being through Abraham’s offspring.

Abraham believed in God’s promise even when it looked as though God might snuff it out. He believed more in God than he did his doubt.

Have you ever noticed that when Abraham heads up the mountain with Isaac, Abraham asks his servants to stay with the donkey and that he and Isaac would be right back. He didn’t say, “I will be right back.” He said, “We will be right back.”

Abraham was expecting God to provide right up to the very last minute. Do you ever think God takes you to your limit? Has God ever taken you to the edge of faith mountain? Abraham could relate. He even collected the firewood and was ready to strike a match!

Yes, Abraham got on his donkey but he also got off his donkey as well. God doesn’t ask us to ride our donkey forever. Like Abraham we should only ride our donkey as far as God requires.

When God calls, we need not respond with mere activity, but action. We must saddle our donkey and get ready to see God provide in ways we never imagined.

Any sacrifice God asks us to make pales in comparison to the reward of trusting Him and seeing Him do what only He can do on top of faith mountain!

Saddle up! Not Yee-Haw but rather, Yahweh-Yireh! (which means “the Lord will provide!”) — Gen. 22

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