12 Jan

The Man Challenge

I hope this post finds you committed to your faith and walking in the light of God’s word. A part from Him you will never be your best. Abiding in Him is the key. A shallow spiritual walk leads to a shallow life. A deep relationship with God leads to great adventure. The choice is yours to make. It is your life. No one but you can live it. Today, which direction will you choose? Where is your life heading? When will you own it and make it yours? I pray you choose wisely. I pray you take action. Satan will lull you into thinking someday you will be the man you want to be or you can spit in his face and step onto the battlefield as a warrior of the faith. There is no higher or more noble calling. God be with you less you otherwise find yourself alone to contend with the challenges this life brings and of which no man can solely conquer.

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