08 Nov

Wait a minute, update in progress!

Has your life become sluggish? Are you experiencing more frustration than usual? Are things more or less just clunking along? 

Perhaps it’s time for a spiritual software update.

Being still before the Lord is like downloading the latest and greatest iPhone software, it fixes bugs and makes other improvements to our operating systems. 

In order to succeed at an effective download we have to stop, be still and focus on the update.

The same is true for a spiritual software update. When we get still before the Lord he downloads new thoughts and insights certain to refresh our spirit, fix glitches and make other enhancements in our spiritual operating system.

What is the key to a great update? Being still long enough to download the necessary upgrades.

The iPhone requires that the phone be solely focused on the system update. There are no exceptions. The phone is basically inoperable while the update is in progress. 

In order to be filled with our spiritual update we too must be still and completely yielding to the download the Lord is giving. No interruptions or distractions are allowed if our upgrade is to be a success.

Rest assured, if we want the latest and greatest the Lord has to offer, we will be required to slow down, hit pause and be still before the Lord as he downloads all he has to offer in our walk with Jesus.

Knowing your spiritual operating system is up to date makes everything operate and run more smoothly.

What are you waiting for? Maybe it’s time to wait a minute as the update makes progress!