04 Dec

Leading Losers

Losing leaders are easy to spot. But trying to lead losers is not so easy. 
Losers lay back and blend in. They stay out of trouble catching the wake of others as they coast in the current of those who are making it happen.

They rarely make waves but one thing is for sure, they are nothing but dead weight. They say yes and appear compliant and in agreement when inside they dig in, undermine and short circuit success with apathetic, passive-aggressive behavior. They are the ultimate abdicators.

It may take awhile, but great leaders eventually smoke the losers out. They recognize the cancer they are to the movement and hit the eject button once the losers have been identified.

It’s true, a bad apple can spoil the batch. Unfortunately, leaders are all to often blamed and are eliminated because they failed to throw out the losers they were leading sooner rather than later. Their efforts to rally the troops, motivate the slackers and cradle the cry babies, fails. Ultimately the buck stops with them and their long suffering, patient, tolerant approach is rewarded with a walk down the plank themselves.

Unless rightfully identified, the very losers responsible for taking on the water begin to lead the beginning of the end of the organization as they continue to go unrecognized.

The rot decays the organization beyond recovery way before the stench draws the flies.

In order to survive and thrive, leaders have to make the tough decision to cut the losers they lead loose from the tribe! Otherwise the leader may very well go down with the ship, or worse, watch it bubble to the bottom of the ocean as the losers hold onto the top of the mast to the point of no return.