12 Dec

Bits, bites and balded-faced lies

What if you are wrong? 

What if your sources are biased or misinformed? 

Worse, what if their perspective is motivated by self preservation in order to maintain status and position? 

What if they are simply drawing conclusions and making grave assumptions? 

What if half truths have worked their way into so called reality? 

We tend to believe what we want to hear. All to often we believe what we hear with no regard to the source or verification of the facts. There is a word for this phenomenon. Gullible. 

What if the roles were reversed? What if it was you who was misunderstood and it was you who others were misinformed?  

How would you hope to be treated if others were misinformed about you? Certainly you would welcome an opportunity to provide clarity and the benefit of the doubt in the least. 

In these days of sensational headlines, sound bites and high speed internet it is a good idea to be cautious about what we share realizing that we are at great risk of diluting the facts with bits, bites and balded-faced lies.

Be careful what you bite on. It might just come to bite you back!