23 Oct

Cut the discord

Are you sowing discord?

If your initial response is no or I am just sharing the truth about someone, providing important insight about their character or just thought you might need to know a little tidbit, then it is very likely you made the top 6 things God hates! (Proverbs 6:16-19)

Not me! My motives are pure. I’m just speaking the truth. Really now? Would you share the same insight if the person you are defaming was in your presence? How cowardice! 

Do your words and actions heal or hurt?

Does what you say help make things better or people more bitter?

Are you encouraging peace or poisoning the well? 

Insecurity is likely at the root of your motivation. Admit it! Your subtle stirring of the pot, your passive aggressive behavior and your insinuations are causing discord. You hide behind the appearance of innocence but in your heart it is yourself you are actually trying to build up at the expense of others.

Call it what it is. It’s evil, mean and shameful. God hates it. Stop it!

You know in your heart whether your words and actions are contributing to quarreling, squabbling, bickering, wrangling, feuding, contention, disagreement, dissension, differences in opinion, disputes, disunity, opposition and infighting. 

You may not be in the middle of it but you may very well by adding momentum to the flywheel of discord.

Blessed are the peacemakers not pot stirrers. Keep on stirring up discord and see where it gets you. 

People eventually wise up and realize that if you are talking and putting down others in their absence you are likely doing the same about them when you plant your seeds of discord and water them with flattery and a warm conniving embrace.

Be honest with yourself. It’s time to cut the discord. You are loving to hate.