18 Aug

Rise above it!

Have you ever been lied about? Slandered? Do you ever feel like others twist what you say? Are you certain, certain people are out to kill your reputation as half truths flow from their lips as they plot to undermine, hinder and destroy you?

If such is the case, welcome to the club. It sounds like you have made it into the winners circle. Part of becoming a leader worth following is realizing that no one wins 100% of the popular vote.

David understood one of greatest challenges of leadership; doing what you know is right despite what some may say or seek to do.

Never let a loser tell you how to win! David could have tried his best to accommodate, negotiate and console. At the end of the day he looked to the Lord, not mere mortals, for help in navigating the challenges of leadership.

Mortals will bark. They will bellow. They will complain, lie and passive aggressively seek to disqualify your influence.

You can spend your time trying to pacify the naysayers or you can get about your calling in confidence the Lord is on your side.

On your side? God is on your side? Is that statement arrogant? Overly confident? Pompous? Perhaps it is if you are self-seeking. It is a matter of the heart. But if you are in fact a man after God’s own heart, you have every reason, to proclaim as David did, “God is on my side!” Yes, David said those very words out loud! Check Psalm 56 to verify!

When rumors roar, follow David’s example. When the polls wane, the judges score low and haters hate, look to God for strength, trust in Him to come through and let the mere mortals moan. Take your troubles to the Lord.

“Why should I be afraid,” David said. ” I trust in God. What can mere mortals do to me?”

When the gossip grows and votes lack confidence, ignore the ignorance. Rise above it. Take the high road. React with kindness. Return evil with good. Their day will come. Look to God for help. God’s got this! Move on knowing you are ahead of the pack and right on track!

(References: Psalm 56, 120, 140-142)