17 Aug

Proud Papa

It is the little things in life that make you proud to be a dad of boys that get it.

Together with their sisters and peers, my kids raised nearly $30,000 to try and make a difference in the world this last summer.

Some of those funds went to support entrepreneurs in the developing world who will use the equipment the boys delivered to save lives, spread the gospel and help the young men from the USA gain a lifelong appreciation for the role they can play in impacting the world for good.

They worked hard to raise a ton of money for the cause and even more to pay their own way. It was awesome knowing they pulled their own weight and then some.

It was great seeing them knock the top out of the incentive challenge we gave them and seeing them raise funding over and above the goal. I was happy to extend a stipend as a small reward for their countless efforts.

No doubt it helped them become eyewitnesses and lifelong ambassadors for those they ultimately hoped to serve. They have made relationships that they will cherish until they have gray beards.

I’d do it all again. The exponential impact it creates is all worth it!

Is the work in the field important? Absolutely! But the work in the field doesn’t get funded if people don’t have an appreciation for the hard work the field produces. It takes a commitment to both. God loves to work in the hearts of those who give, those who go and those who grow as a result!

Let’s do it again soon boys! This experience is only the beginning. There is more to come and in even better and bigger ways, soon and very soon!

Get ready, God is going to use you and those you serve in mighty ways!image