19 Mar

Rhea Sunshine

I have had a lot of special guests visit me at Water4 over the years. The list includes, governors, chiefs of staff for presidents of countries, recording artists, best selling authors, millionaires and professional athletes. But none, not one, has brought me more joy than having my first granddaughter, Rhea, pay me a visit today. Oh the joy and delight she was. She sat at my conference room table, played at my desk, met the team and even pumped water from our demonstration well. Her presence was such a beautiful reminder of how all little boys and girls around the world should live such innocent lives. Free from the threat of water borne disease and unimaginable challenges from daily life. I will hug her. Kiss her and forever cherish the pure joy of holding her in my arms as a sweet reminder that the fight we are in is worth every ounce of energy, every last penny and never ending prayers for the little children throughout the world who do deserve even the most basic necessities of life. Today, she was in fact my Rhea of sunshine! Thanks Olivia for the surprise and making my day!