04 Aug

A Tiny Cell

A people pleasing prison is a torturous state of mind, where acceptance is ever elusive and judgment all the time. 

Freedom is held hostage by critics who cast critiques. Their position on your mindset is never quite unique.

You are captured in a tiny cell. Bound by unbelief. From the fear of disappointment, there never is full relief.

Peace escapes you, never to be embraced, as the bars of inadequacy separate happiness from your face.        

The keys to unlock your horror are not found in the warden’s hands, but rather in the heart, of the conflicting inner man.

Your fate turns to freedom as the answer lies within. Acceptance is inside yourself, where it’s really always been. 

What others come to think of you, is not what you’ve become. Learning to love and like yourself, is where you’ve come from. 

The approval of mere mortals is appealing if only for a while. Fleeting and fickle, they often hate your style.

Such pursuits are futile and brutal in the end. No consensus will be found among them, our critical fellow men. 

You were beautifully crafted, by a designer who forever loves you so. His approval is all that matters and all you need to know.

So do what only you can do, and forget about the rest. Be you for who you really are. At this you are your best.