20 Jul

Freedom from low-life scumbags

What do you require in order to forgive someone?

Do they have to apologize?

Ask forgiveness?

Be remorseful?

Make amends?

Make up for your loss?

What if they do none of the above?

What happens when you harbor or hold onto unforgiveness?

Who does it hurt?

Does it hurt the person who has offended you?

Perhaps to a certain extent but one thing is for sure, holding on to unforgiveness hurts you.

First you are hurt by the actions of the one who violated you and then you hurt yourself by holding on to unforgiveness. 

By not forgiving you are allowing the offender to control you and own part of who you are.

Unforgiveness leads to bitterness and resentment. In essence you are robbed of your joy and are punishing yourself for something someone else did to you in the first place.

The solution? Forgive. Release the unforgiving power that someone else otherwise has over you.

Does forgiving mean that justice is not served? No! We can seek justice while at the same time giving forgiveness. 

Everyone gets hurt in some way or another by somebody at sometime. 

How long we hurt has a lot to do with how long we wait to forgive.

Jesus encourages us to forgive those who have hurt us. He realized that forgiving others minimizes the hurt and releases us sooner to be about the business of loving others.

Let go of the hurt today. Let go and forgive the rotten, low-life scumbag that has caused you pain. If you don’t, they win. 

Take control of forgiveness before the lack thereof takes control of you!

Be free of the low-life scumbags!