27 Jun


By deeply desiring to demonstrate love and acceptance of people, there are times, if we are not careful, that we are actually approving, accepting, accommodating and advocating sin. 

It is one thing to love all people, it is another to approve, accept, accommodate and advocate sin. 

Certainly, it is impossible to legislate morality but as believers we do have an obligation as followers of Jesus to love God and love other as we love ourselves. 

That does not mean we approve, accept, accommodate and advocate sin. 

We are obligated to speak the truth in love. Being hateful, rude and unkind is not an option and should not be approved, accepted, accommodated or advocated as well. After all, to do so would be sinful.

It is possible to love someone and not approve, accept, accommodate and advocate their choices. This applies to anything that the Lord, not a court, not a majority or a society, calls sin. 

Jesus is the standard for this principle. He loved sinners, hung out with sinners and was deeply criticized by the religious elite for doing so. Jesus loved sinners so much that he challenged them to a better life. He called on them to turn from their sin and turn to God. Beautiful. That is the heart of the gospel. God loves sinners so much he would do all he could to assure they didn’t settle for less and wallow in what he knew was second best. Sin has a way of tricking us into thinking it is as good as it gets. How sad to settle for Hershey’s when you could have had Godiva!

We must not confuse love with approval, acceptance, accommodation and advocation. Nor should we be hateful, rude and unkind. 

Ours is not to judge and silence is not agreement, but we are to speak the truth in love, ALWAYS.