14 May

Carry on

Just when you think you can go no further, when you’ve lost all hope at the end of your rope, just when your giddy up has got up and gone and your want to has got up and went, a spark is ignited, a glimmer appears, your focus sharpens, your strength renews, your energy boosts, the sun begins to rise and you begin to realize you have broke through. You have survived and what seemed certain to take you over has in fact been overcome. You did it. You prevailed. You held on. You persevered only to discover that apart from Him you can do nothing. Not even quit. Like a warrior fresh from battle, you kneel before the King ready to accept yet another challenge despite knowing it will be hard and insurmountable. Yet, to stay too long would be to miss the adventure and conquest that lies ahead. You wipe your brow, renew your spirit, take a deep breath and ride yet again into the thrill of the great unknown, knowing that should death come, you are not defeated but rather you have lived life to the fullest strengthened by your faith and call. You my son, must carry on!