08 Dec

A giving person

How would you define a giving person?

Would someone who prepared not one but two Thanksgiving feasts in one week, followed by preparing all the homemade food and desserts while opening her home for a large wedding shower for a family member, followed by the next week traveling to her safe house in Honduras to deliver Christmas gifts to special young ladies rescued from deplorable conditions do it?

What if I told you that just before she drove 3 hours to catch a 5 a.m. international flight to the murder capital of the world she was in line buying gift wrapping and noticed an elderly gentleman didn’t have the funds he needed to buy groceries. What does she do? She covers the bill of course and wishes him a Merry Christmas!

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m talking about my wife because in no way would she ever tell you about her acts of random kindness.

I am telling you because she is my inspiration and I hope she inspires you too.

It is truly more blessed to give than to receive but I’m not sure how much more blessed it could be to watch someone you love so dearly love and give so much to others all year long!

Yeah, she’s a giver. Santa knows which list to put her on. I just hope some of her goodwill keeps me from getting a lump of coal again this year!