09 Sep

One at a time

Crying is okay. It washes away some, but not all of the pain.

Sharing a burden with the Lord and others brings further healing but some wounds are simply deeper than others.

The scars from such trials can bring resentment or remind us of the victory that has been won.

You my friend have lived another day on the battlefield of life. But yet remember, too many have settled for simply being alive and have yet to really live. You my friend are not one of them.

Your scars and your pain have not been wasted for you are one of the the lucky ones who have found purpose and meaning in life amidst the the trails, tribulations and yes, the joy and happiness that comes your way!

Live on my friend. Live on! Embrace the moment. Cherish the memories as you experience all life has to offer each and every day! One step, one day, one life and one hurt at a time!

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