01 Jun

Life on the Curve

Do you remember that feeling you had as a little kid when your dad would drive fast over a big hump in the road? Your tummy would flutter and for a brief movement you felt as if you were air borne. It was a little scary at first but before you had time to look over your shoulder you were asking him to turn around a do it again! Rides with dad were more than a road trip they were an adventure!

I’m not a kid anymore but the older I get the more I am learning that God loves to take His kids on exciting rides. However, it is not so much about arriving as it is getting there. Please allow me to explain.

It comes down to this — Life is about intimacy with Him. It is as if God is saying, “It is not about what you do, it is about me and you.” It’s about the time we spend together out on the open road.

I know it sounds so simple but I have discovered an intimacy with God that I had previously tried to obtain only through systems and processes. I use to make appointments with God, now I am truly learning to walk with Him. In essence, I have had a spiritual awakening rooted in learning to pray.

I have learned that prayer is much more of a dialogue. I don’t have to carry the conversation with God. Prayer is as much about listening as it is talking. He reveals things to me as I listen. I heard that a reporter once asked Mother Teresa what she said to God when she prayed.

“I listen,” she said.

“What does He say,” the reporter probed.

“He listens,” Mother Teresa replied.

Isn’t that beautiful!

It was if the Lord said, “Ray, when you sit down with your wife do you pull out the A.C.T.S. guide for discussion?”

“No, Lord. I think that might insult her. We have a free-flowing conversion.”

“Then why do you come before Me with your predetermined processes, lists and systems?” God revealed.

Trust me. I am not knocking a good prayer plan. But my prayer plans put God in a box. I have discovered He can keep up with my A.D.D. wandering brain. In fact, when I am still long enough, I am discovering that He tends to take a few tangents Himself! It’s all good!

As of late I have been asking God to give me specific direction for my life. I was doing a considerable amount of talking but it was as if He had gone deaf. God saw through my motivation. I wanted the assignment more than I wanted Him.

Once I realized God was more interested in my relationship and time with Him than Him telling me what I needed to do, funny thing is, He began revealing His plans.

Like the disciples on the road after the resurrection, Jesus was with them but they failed to recognize His presence. I have been walking with Jesus for years, only now, as I bask in His presence, am I seeing Him at work in my life like never before. “It’s not what you do, it’s you that I want,” the Father keeps reminding me. “You will discover your marching orders in time alone with me in prayer,” He says.

Our job is to act in the same way as Abraham. When God prompted Abraham, He simply said go. That was it, one step of faith at a time. No map, no destination, no schedule, just him and God on a journey. One day at a time on the road with God. Nothing less. Nothing more. Little-by-little.

So many times we beg God to reveal his plan so we can get on the road to doing His will. We forget that He is so much more interested in the journey than the destination.

We want clarity on a plan from point “A” to point “B”. Once we think we have our marching orders we tend to thank God and tell Him we will take it from here. We like the straight line. Sure it takes faith to step out in the direction of point “B” but I am convinced that God desires for us to live a little more on the wild side. I think He likes us to live life on the curve. He is the “river of life” after all. Have you every followed a straight river? No! Rivers wind! They are full of curves … and surprises!

Curves require faith. Just because we are heading in the right direction doesn’t mean there won’t be curves. I believe the curves are there by God’s design. Why? Because they keep us close to the one who has been down this road before. Sure there are straight-aways between the curves but the real excitement is found living on the curve. Not knowing what is right around the bend or just over the hill brings the thrills. God likes surprises. He is never caught of guard but He loves giving His kids surprises. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Life without curves requires little faith! No curves. No surprises!

When life throws you a curve, left your hands in the air and hang on for the ride. As the burdens pile on your shoulders allow them to bend your knees before your Father. He knew this curve was coming and He knows what is coming down the road. Hang on; He is more likely to press on the accelerator than to pound on the brakes! Why? Because He loves it when He get’s to take His kids for a ride on the wild side!

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