As an experienced broadcaster, producer and chief executive, audiences are discovering Ray Sanders has a unique ability to draw from real-life challenges, humorous experiences and wild adventures that inspire, motive and challenge people of all ages.

Sanders regularly posts original quotes, photos and insights certain to cause readers to laugh, cry and think about deeper aspects of life. He has a unique way of turning the everyday into something insightful.

Sanders is also founder of Giant Experiences, a cause-minded organization specializing in the mobilization of purpose-driven leaders who use their influence to impact the world for good.

He is the former Chief Executive Officer of Water4, Inc., an international company recognized for its development of sustainable water solutions that create jobs, save lives, share love and transform communities in the developing world.

As a senior corporate executive, Sanders has served as CEO of a multi-million dollar design firm, executive vice president of a Washington D.C. based growth firm, the vice president of one of the nation’s most sound financial institutions and in a nonpartisan role with the United States Senate.

As a passionate communicator, Sanders has been the Editor in Chief of Oklahoma’s largest weekly news journal, the host of an award-winning statewide radio program and continues today as an avid blogger at www.RaySanders.com where he often shares insightful stories and experiences from his faith, family and travels.